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Who are we?

I started Sculpted Beauty by Rose' for one main reason and that’s because I found a way to help others who have struggled with the same weight, body image, body positivity, and self-love issues that I have. I have spent the last 10 years trying to figure out my body; I have tried every diet in the book, every quick fix pill, waist training, exercising, eating healthy…you name it, I have tried it! But what I found through the many years on this journey is that it is all a mindset and I fell in love with the process of self-acceptance, self-love, and a positive body image. I had to love and appreciate my body throughout the process and I finally got to a point where I genuinely accepted my body. I’m now that girl at the pool in a two piece walking around completely carefree and happy and it’s certainly not because I have the best body (based upon society’s opinion) but because my confidence is sky high. Now, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things that I would want to look different but that is where I discovered noninvasive body sculpting. We can actually still love and honor the body we have and at the same time non-invasively contour our bodies by targeting specific areas and eliminate fat permanently, tighten loose skin, and shape it to our desired look and THAT absolutely fascinated me. So, I went through the noninvasive mommy makeover process and saw the incredible results happen to myself and I knew at that moment it was my purpose, my mission, my calling , and my responsibility to share this with as many people as possible. I decided to learn everything I possibly could about the treatments and became a certified body sculptor. Sculpted Beauty by Rose’ is extremely personal for me and I love the opportunity it has given me to educate, empower, and guide others to loving their body while helping them achieve results. It is truly my passion inside out. 

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“Najla Brewster is a Denver native with an accounting background. She has a humanitarian spirit and loves connecting with people. Body Sculpting was introduced to her by a dear friend, and from there, her world opened up! Najla became intrigued and fascinated by the tools, machinery and how they worked to manipulate fat cells.  She has a true passion helping men and women achieve their body goals while educating them in the process. Body Sculpting has been such a joy for her!”

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